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Welcome to Earth Graphics, a site offering free graphics associated with pagan and shamanistic religions, the occult, and magick. You can find all of the backgrounds, symbols, etc. archived under four different elemental themes. I hope you can stick around and join me again for future additions and updates. I 'd be very much obliged if you would spread the word about this place and Link this site, or sign my guestbook to give me any comments, criticism, and/or opinions. Thanks and Enjoy!

Blessed be
Alexandrea Meadows.

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I added a new page. The link is located right below the image map on the left, and also above this the Updates column. It shows all the images added in the two most recent site updates. It has a bigger preview of the images. Anyway, two new images were added for this update. I got three tickets this friday night, so I'm not really a happy camper at the moment.

A bigger update this time:) 22 images added total. I haven't added this much at the same time in a long while now. I think I'm going to make a little pop-up window showing all the new images for each update. It will be a great timesaver for those who make frequent visits here(well, I hope people will come back here every once in a while:). I'm starting to make spheres(non-animated) now...I toss them in the Misc. section. That's all I can think of to say for now....

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