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Name: Alexandrea Meadows
Age: 17
Occupation: supermarket cashier
#1 dream: Become rich and happy, and travel around the world.

Hi. As you can tell from the pic, I'm female. I'm a high school senior (grad. year of 2000-01), and a Scorpio. I'm pretty much an antisocialist most of the time, and for good reasons. I'm pretty shy and not experienced in the friend-making game. Inside, I'm a creative, artistic person. I happily express that with my outer appearance. I happily live the gothic lifestyle as a bit of a Romantic Goth...I don't really think I can be categorized as a certain kind. I wear various colors, but black(so stereotypical, yet truthful) is my favorite color(isn't really a color, but who cares:). I stay away from pastel colors, orange, olive green, yellow, and pink. I do have a bit of a morbid humor, but it's an integral part of my creativity and imagination. I have yet to find real goths at my school; 99% of the teen population art made up of posers anyway. When you're comfortable being yourself, why change?
I'm the captain of my school dance team, the Woo Woo's. I'm a dancing nut;) I'm also a drawing and computer nut, just like my dear old dad. I grew up watching japanese anime, and I still love it now. I hope to become a graphic designer, fashion designer, web site designer, comic artist, and/or programmer, among many other things, in the near future. "Night Person" is not the word for me. A damn insommniac is more like it. I like the night life alot better than the day. That is one of the big supporters for my love of big cities. I love trance, ambient, electronic, industrial, Korean techno, house, classical, opera, and just about any other kind of music, as long as its good. My favorite artist/groups are The Cardigans, VAST, Supreme Beings of Leisure, Enigma, Turbo, Elemental Force, Juno Reactor, No Doubt, Black Orb, Future Sound of London, The distributions from Global Underground(Best mix of trance and house by DJ's all over the world), and much too many to list here.
Religion is very important to me. I've been a dedicated Wiccan for about a good 6 years now. It is what pulled me out of a two year depression; Wicca has taught me to grow up, let unhealthy things go, and start living life again. I study alot on various flavors of magick and structures, including Qabala, Egyptian Magick, and Shamanism. After I successfully learned how to use Magick and do rituals and spells correctly, I devoted much of my time to just prayer and learning, and ritual-working. I'm at the first-degree priestess level, and I still have a long ways to go. But I'm very much willing to devot as much time as it takes.

About the Graphics
I use a free image manipulation program called Gimp to make the graphics. I sometimes use Jasc's PaintShop Pro, but I find Gimp to be an overall superior program. I have a little font library of about 300 fonts that I use to make icons and objects and such. I also use a mixture of my own created gradients and patterns and the program's for all the backgrounds and fill for the images.

About Earth Graphics
This site is for people who want pagan/shaman based graphics for personal usage. The Graphics are categorized by elemental theme, and I also offer themed sets.
Here's some history for ya: The Reason that this site came into existence is because I had this sudden urge to make a successful site serving out my graphics. So I acted on this idea in April of 2000. The site began as a small hobby for me, consisting of about 5 pages total. The index, earth, air, fire, and water pages. I had about 50 graphics served on the site; It had green and black lightning as it's background. As the months progressed, I recieved more and more hits and positive responses from my visitors. I continue to help Earth Graphics grow as of now, making as much graphics as time will allow me to make. As of April 2001, I've recieved over 10,000 visitors, have made more than 1000 graphics, and I've gained 3 awards. I hope to continue my success with this site.

Special Requests?
If you can't find anything from my archives to your liking, you request custom made graphics for no fee. I have set up a Graphics Request Box on the main page. You may request graphics there. I will not accept requests that cannot be done with my Gimp program. Requests are completed usually in the duration of two weeks. In other words, don't request traditionally made art; I will have to charge you. If there is no Graphics Request Box apparent on the main page, that means I'm unavailable for taking requests at that time. You can contact me at